5 tips to Make a Child's Bedtime Easy

Getting the kids to bed can be a challenge for any parent, but healthy sleep is absolutely vital for a child’s development. Lack of sleep can impair a child’s ability to learn and may cause them to become disruptive and distracted in the classroom. It can also lead to problems with their weight. Sleep truly is the bedrock to a child’s mental and physical health. But despite your best efforts, sometimes children are seemingly impossible to get to bed.

These five tips from Kern Pediatrics will help you make your child’s bedtime easy.

1. Have A Sleeping Routine

One of the best long term strategies at your disposal is a kid’s sleeping schedule. Children do best when in a routine. It provides clarity and structure and is the best way to make bedtimes manageable in the long term. Having a clear and consistent routine teaches your child to become sleepy at the same time every evening and primes them for bedtime.

While there is no single best routine, most consist of activities like brushing teeth, changing in pajamas and maybe even reading a bedtime story. The exact routine isn’t as important as doing it consistently, that’s what helps build the routine.

2. Bedroom Environment

It's important that the environment you child is sleeping in is well prepared for bedtime. It should be quiet and dark and the overall noise levels in the home should be low. If your child doesn’t like total darkness then perhaps a small nightlight could be helpful. Finally, it’s important to set the right sleeping temperature; cool but not too cold is usually preferred.

3. Security Objects

There’s nothing wrong with a teddy bear or extra blanket for security or comfort. Bedtime is also a time of separation from parents, so it’s understandable to feel a little nervous. A little cuddly toy can do just the trick to help your kids feel comfortable at night.

4. A Bedtime Snack

Children are always growing and need the right amount of food to keep their growing bodies well fueled. Sometimes they may even need more than their usual three meals a day. There is nothing wrong with a small pre-bedtime snack to help them settle into sleep. Just be sure to avoid any large snacks before bed as a full stomach can negatively interfere with sleep.

4. Turn Off Screens

Electronic screens can be one of the worst distractions for a child’s bedtime. The light from the screen can overstimulate and make falling asleep harder. It is important to turn off all screens at least an hour before bedtime. Additionally, it’s important to take any devices away during the night to avoid temptations as it’s hard to monitor what they do after lights go out.




Sleep is so important for your children and hopefully these tips will help you ensure that bedtime always goes smoothly. Kern Pediatrics is a valley children’s pediatrics with a huge expertise and experience with children’s health.

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