What are the early signs of autism?

Autism diagnosis in Bakersfield 

Every parent wants the absolute best for their kids when they’re growing up, it can be disheartening watching your child not thriving as they ought to, hitting the developmental milestones or doing things like your older kids did at certain age groups, like mimicking expressions and gestures or playing games like peek-a-boo.

As a parent, you are in the best position to spot and know how to recognize the early signs of autism and get your child the right help they need to learn, grow and thrive. It is important to note whatever sign of autism you notice and relay the information to your pediatrician during consultations.

The signs of autism vary widely, some may have mild impairments while others may have a lot of obstacles to overcome, but nevertheless, a professional evaluation is crucial to effectively rule out or ascertain if your child is on the autism spectrum.

Autism diagnosis on kids or toddlers in Bakersfield

How to recognize the signs of autism?

  • Social differences 
  • They do not show concern for others or empathy. 
  • They are unable to know what others are thinking or feeling when they look at their facial expressions. 
  • They are unable to make friends. 
  • Communication differences 
  • Repeat what others say, even when they do not understand what it means. 
  • They may mix up pronouns referring to self as you and others as I. 
  • They do not seem interested in communicating with others. 
  • They tend to have good rote memory, when it comes to letters, songs or a specific topic.

Behavioral differences 

  • They sway, twirl their fingers, or walk on their toes for a long time.
  • They have difficulty in change and prefer routines and tradition.
  • They do not seem to feel pain. 
  • They tend to be either very sensitive or not sensitive at all to light, smell and touch.

By age 6 months 

They make limited or no eye contact.

They have few or no engaging expressions. 

By age 9 months

 They make little to no smiles or facial expressions. 

By age 12 months 

They make little to no babble.

They make little to no response to their names. 

 By age of 16 months 

Little or no words

 By age of 24 months 

They make very few to no meaningful two word phrases.

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When you do decide on the pediatrician, then you inform them of the signs of autism you noticed in your kid. 

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